Mobile Compactor Storage Systems

Aryan Mobile Compactors is standard shelving mounted on a mobile base, creating excellent storage efficiency. These are mobile trolley (chassis) mounted shelving systems that move on rails that provide maximum storage capacity. These systems have only one access corridor thereby increasing efficiency of the storage. Compactors are completely safe to use. The entire compactor is clad with powder coated steel sheets. It is smooth, noiseless and easy to maintain. The system allows the user to open the mobile units to retrieve and file items.
• Suitable for low-rise shelving. Saves upto 60% of Valuable Floor Space
• A finger force by a person is sufficient to move the drive train
• A floor lock, secures the fixed and mobile blocks and prevents pilferage
• Accidental movement is prevented through an aisle lock
• Powder coated
• Filing cabinets
• Light-Weight multiple Product Storage
• Storage of Expensive items
We are The Only manufacturing Company to offer 140 Color Shade Combination for front Panels & Doors to Suit your Company / Office Standard Color
• 3 types Door Systems & Front Panels Design
• 4 types of Centralized Locking Systems